Rabu, 6 Oktober 2010


In the name of Allah The most Gracious most Merciful.

Persatuan Siswa Islam Selatan here by want to wish the best of luck to all cfs iium candidates who will be sitting for the coming MUET Test.

Here are some useful tips for the coming speaking test.

General Guidelines in Speaking: MARKS FOR SPEAKING [45/300]

Task A in Speaking component of the MUET.

-Given 2 minutes to prepare

-Arrange your thoughts logically and systematically

-Arrange your points and ideas in a mind map

-It will enable you to present the context of the questions thoroughly
without missing out important details.

-*mind map helps to show a cause & effect relationship between
ideas and links ideas systematically.

-When preparing a mind map, follow the Wh guidelines (what,where,when,who,why,which,how)

-Impress the examiners that you are a candidate with the edge.
Give examples from real life encounters.Prove that you have
sufficient general knowledge.

Task B

Learn the basic language functions in a group discussion,such as to ask for and give opinion, to agree, to further support, to disagree, to interrupt, to sum up ideas, etc.

-You are given 10 minutes to come to a general agreement.

-Lead the discussion slowly to a conclusion

-Show initiative. Do not wait to speak, until spoken to.
Make sure you are heard, not just seen.

-Do not let the discussion die down or reach a dead end.
Keep finding avenues of discussion and be able to sustain the
discussion for 10 minutes.

-Encourage the shy ones in your group to speak up by seeking
their opinions, so that they will not be left out of the discussion.

-Likewise, intervene appropriately, when you find one or two
persons dominating the discussion.


" Then, when you have taken a decision, put your trust in Allah. For
Allah loves those who put their trust in Him."

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