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Type of issues might be tested in MUET speaking test>>>>

[ social cultural ], [ economic ]

[ science and technology ], [ sports ]

[ environment ], [ education ], [health ]

* prepare your self for factual points and elaboration

Speaking skills
What you should aim for:

Accuracy: -how to use grammatically correct language.
- how to use correct pronunciation, stress and intonation

Fluency: -how to speak with confidence and fluently


Task A
preparation time: 2 minutes
presentation time: 2 minutes

Task B
preparation time: 2 minutes
presentation time: 10 minutes as a group

Tips on how to score for the Speaking Test
  • Read the situation and task carefully to know what you have to do
  • Plan what you want to say by listing the points on a paper. Rearrange the points so that the more inportant points come first (note that elaboration is very important.make sure you elaborate your point cleary)
  • Make sure that you introduce yourself first and inform the others what your task is.
  • Ensure that your input has convincing opening.
  • Move on to develop your points
  • conclude with satisfying conclusion..(if your already reach the time given but haven't conclude your points..just end the points without conclusion[Task A only] all from me thank you)

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