Isnin, 11 Oktober 2010


1.Participating in a conversation or a discussion may involve the following:

a)Starting or joining a conversation/discussion

-Excuse me, can we discuss the topic now?
-I would like to start the discussion by saying that...
-I believe that genetically-modified food is harmfull...
-Excuse me, would you like to start first?
-I believe students today don't speak good English because...

b)Interrupting a conversation/discussion

-Excuse me, can i say something?
-Sorry to interrupt,but...
-Excuse me,could you please repeat...?
-Excuse me,could you please clarify...?
-Excuse me,but isn,t it true that...?

c)Maintaining a conversation/discussion

-Can you please explain further...
-Well, I beg to differ...
-Let me explain how we can go about it...
-Your suggestion is good, but it may not be practical...
-As far as I'm concerned, I would like to...

d)Ending a conversation/discussion

-Well, that's all I have to say.
-It's been an interesting discussion.
-That's my suggestion for the English Language Week.
-To conclude, I would like to suggest that we write to the press.

2.Use suitable social conventions and be polite in your conversation or discussion.
3.In a group discussion, there may be a facilitator or chairman who will start, maintain and end the discussion, he may have to round up what the speakers have said in the discussion.

~maat taufiq wan najah~

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